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This is the age of ‘all under one roof’ – whether it’s your favourite shopping mall or your favourite restaurant. So why should your favourite apps not be under one roof? To make your digital life convenient, Google Mobile Services (GMS) have got all of your favourite apps and APIs in one place. The best part is the all of this is absolutely free of cost.

Google Mobile Services is a collection of Google applications and APIs that support functionality across all Android devices. These apps work together seamlessly to ensure your device offers you a great user experience, right out of the box.

Here is what you can expect from this new feature:

  • Google Search: The Google app is the fastest and easiest way to get all the information you need on the web..
  • Google Chrome: Google Chrome for mobile allows users to browse at a higher speed while saving upto 50% data while browsing.
  • YouTube: With the YouTube app, users get access to watch the latest videos, subscribe to quality content on different channels, share videos with friends and family, and watch it on any device.
  • Google Play Store: With more than 1 million apps, the world’s largest collection of eBooks, millions of songs and thousands of movies, Google Play has something for everyone.

More value at zero cost

GMS is a licensed product of Google, which offers you an all-inclusive collection of popular apps and other cloud based services in one place. This service is not a part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which provides offer basic functions like emails, messages and calling facility.

About Google Certified Devices

Google, which is the biggest company in the world, is working with manufacturers and service providers across the globe to ensure the very best for the end user. To maintain the security standards, Google conducts hundreds of compatibility tests to ensure every handset exercising the Android technology adheres to the security standard set by Google.

All Android certified devices come with Google Play Protect out-of-the-box, which provides the users with a wide array of security features, including automatic malware scanning on your device. With GMS, all Android users get protection against privacy hacks, virus, malware, and other such adversities that plague handsets. When buying a new Android phone or tab, ensure that you look for the Google Play Protect or confirm that Google has certified your device.

We at NUU Mobile understand the importance of selling authentic and high quality handsets; all our Android phones come with a Google Play Protect logo on the box. This ensures that users get the best benefits by using a certified device, along with extra security provided by Play Protect.

For the uninitiated, Google Play Protect is installed into each device with Google Play. As per Google, they scan more than 50 billion apps on a daily basis. The GMS feature scans all yours apps for virus and alerts users about any app that may affect the handset adversely. Google has also introduced a revamped version of Android manager, known as Find My Device. Similar to Find My iPhone, it will allow users to locate, ring, lock and erase your Android devices—phones, tablets, and even watches.

Google and NUU Mobile work together and run hundreds of compatibility tests to ensure all NUU handsets are in compliance with the Android security and permissions model. These tests also confirm that the Google apps pre-installed on your devices are authentic.

NUU Mobile takes pride in offering our customers the very best. We ensure quality by attesting that all our phones/devices are Google certified and run on the authentic platform. You also have an option to upgrade your operating system from Nougat to Oreo and get the best of everything that Android intends to offer.

There are two kinds of Android devices, one that have pre-installed Google apps (including the Play Store) and others that don’t. Needless to say, Google certifies the former set of devices. The best test to ensure that your device runs on a secure Android ecosystem is the GMS logo. We recommend that when buying an Android device, the user should check for the Google Play Protect logo on the box. This will guarantee that the device has ‘benefits of certification and additional layers of security’ to protect your handset.

All NUU mobile handsets come with Google Play Protect certification, so consumers can be rest assured they are investing their money in the right market. NUU mobile provides regular security updates and patches, which will keep your phone up to date.

NUU Mobile is proud to be associated directly with Google and is one of the first few vendors to get Android updates, information and patches.

What this means for the low budget Android phones?

Since Google will certify all authentic Android devices with the Play Protect Logo, all users will need to be meticulous before zeroing down on their new Android device. It is best to opt for a Google certified manufacturer as opposed to phones that are vulnerable to malware and virus attacks on your phone.