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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Delivery time
    • We keep you informed

      Once you’ve placed an order, you will receive an Order Receipt email to confirm your order details, including shipping and delivery detail. Once your item has prepared for shipment and ships, you will receive an Order Complete email with carrier and tracking information.

      Shipping and delivery estimates

      All estimates are based on business days.

      Locations outside major city areas may require an additional 1-2 business days for delivery. Outside major city areas include but are not limited to: Hei Ling Chau, Cheung Chau, Discovery Bay, Lamma Island, Lantau, Ma Wan, Peng Chau, Po Toi Island, Soko Island, Sunshine Island and Park Island.

  • Signature on delivery
    • Most of our shipments contain valuable equipment. If you will not be home to accept delivery of your product, consider shipping your product where someone you trust will be able to sign for your package. For your convenience, you may prefer to have your order delivered to your office address. Please note, if you choose this option, goods may be left with reception or the Mail Room. Delivery to a PO Box is not permitted for security reasons.

      If you have provided a work or home address of others instead of your own address, NUU Mobile will not be responsible if any problem occurs when delivering the goods.

  • Shipping restrictions
    • Shipping in Hong Kong
      We do not support shipping items in a single order to multiple shipping addresses. To ship items to an additional address, please place a new order on the Nuu Mobile Online Store.

      Shipping outside Hong Kong
      If you would like to purchase Nuu products from outside Hong Kong, please note that we do not ship to freight forwarders.

      Customers with shipping addresses outside of Hong Kong are solely responsible for all duties, import taxes and brokerage fees. These are not included in the cost of shipping or handling of your order. Customs, duties, and taxes vary widely from country to country; please check with your local customs agency for details on estimated costs. Customs, duty, and taxes are non-refundable: so if you refuse a shipment because of unexpected import fees, the cost of the original shipping, any brokerage/customs/duty/taxes, and any return shipping charges will not be refunded.

  • Can I change my billing address/ Shipping address after I have placed an order?
    • It is not possible to change your billing address and shipping address once an order has been placed. Please contact Nuu Mobile team for further assistance:

      Call: +852 2725-0161 (Mon to Fri – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm HKT)

  • How does the Self-Pickup process work?
    • How will I know my order is ready for pick up?
      Once you’ve placed an order, you will receive an Order Receipt email to confirm your order details. When your order is ready for pickup, you’ll receive an Order Complete email when your order is ready to be picked up at Nuu Mobile office.

      Where should I go to pick up my order once I arrive at Nuu Mobile office?
      Once you arrive at the office, you can pick up your order at Reception.

      What do I need to bring to the store to pick up my order(s)?
      For easy order pickup, please bring the following with you to the store:
      – A government-issued photo ID
      – Your order number or the Order Complete Email

      What if I can’t pick up my order at the store and need to send someone to pick up my order for me?
      For your protection, your designated pick-up person will need to bring the following to the store:
      – A government-issued photo ID
      – Your order number or Order Complete Email

  • If I order something that is no longer in stock what will happen to my order?
    • During extremely busy periods it is possible to place an order for a product which may just have gone out of stock. In this case, Nuu Mobile reserves the right to cancel your order and you will be issued with a refund for the amount paid.

      We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • How do I insert my SIM card?
    • For detailed steps, consult the Quick Start Guide or the Phone User Manual for your model phone, which are listed at the top of this page.

      Briefly, though, inserting a SIM works like so:

      1. Power off the phone
      2. Carefully pry open the case
      3. Remove the battery
      4. Insert the SIM according to the diagram
      5. Put the battery back in
      6. Power on the phone
  • I can't get a signal.
    • This is likely related to your SIM card or network availability. If your signal is very weak, contact your carrier to make sure they have enough coverage in the area. This will help eliminate the carrier as a variable.

  • What steps should I follow if I get no signal at all?
      1. Double check to make sure your SIM card is inserted properly as displayed on the phone.
      2. If you are using a SIM card adapter, you may need to contact your wireless provider to get the properly sized SIM card.
      3. Verify your SIM card has clean contacts.
      4. Verify your APN settings are correct as per your carrier’s requirements.
      5. Make sure Data is turned on by going to SETTINGS and turning on Mobile Data.
  • Why won't my phone receive any picture messages or data?
    • Check to make sure your PREFERRED SIM SETTINGS are set to the correct SIM card slot. You can verify this by tapping SETTINGS> Dual SIM settings.

  • My Nuu Mobile Smartphone will not turn on.
      • Hold the Power button for 2 seconds
      • Make sure your unit is plugged in and charging
      • Verify the battery is properly installed
  • I cannot access my phone because I forgot the unlock code.
  • My Nuu Mobile phone battery does not seem to be lasting as long as I expected.
      • Check to see how many apps you have running as this can quickly drain your battery.
      • Go to SETTINGS > DEVICE > BATTERY for a list of which apps use how much battery. You may need to adjust app settings to compensate.
      • You can use the “Recent Apps” Menu to close your apps. Making this a common habit will greatly increase your battery usage.
      • You can expect your Nuu Mobile Smartphone to get you through the work day with moderate to heavy usage. Below is the expected battery life for each phone:
  • How do I take screenshots?
    • Press and hold the Volume – button and Power button simultaneously for 1 second. You will see the screen flash and the captured screenshot will appear in notifications if you have them turned on.

  • My phone seems to be running very slow.
      • Close any apps you are not using, as many background apps can take up valuable resources required for speedy operation.
      • You can also go to SETTINGS > APPLICATIONS and move some applications to the MicroSD Card to help free up space.
      • There are many 3rd party apps that can help monitor usage and ensure unnecessary apps are not running.
  • Will rooting my phone void the 1 year Limited Warranty?
    • We do not recommend that you root your phone, as we can only offer technical support of the factory-installed operating system. In the event rooting your phone causes your device to become unusable, please call technical support so they can help you attempt to factory-reset your phone.

      Please Note: You will lose all data with a factory reset, but it is a last resort to resolving your phone issues.

  • What is your warranty & return policy?
    • We offer a 1 year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty on all Nuu Mobile Smartphones.

      Click to check NUU Warranty

      If you purchased directly from, you have 14 days to exchange the smartphone.

      If you purchased from a retailer, you must follow their return policy. NUU Mobile cannot give you a refund or accept your return if you purchased from someone other than

  • What should I do if my NUU Mobile Smartphone is defective out of the box?
    • Contact Technical support immediately @ +852 2725-0161. Please have your proof of purchase handy, as it will be required for any mail-in service or replacement.

      We will troubleshoot to resolve your issue, or we will make sure we get you a NEW replacement sent out immediately. Usually you will have your replacement phone the next business day!

      Do not worry about return shipping of your defective product, NUU mobile will pay for the return shipping which is by S.F. Express delivery. However, the pay back for return shipping is restricted and applicable to shipping from Hong Kong only.

  • Do I need to provide a proof of purchase to get warranty support?
    • We may ask you a couple of questions when you call in to verify your device is covered. Generally your serial number is all we need to verify the product warranty, but you should have your proof of purchase handy just in case.

      In the event you purchased the unit second hand, we are still happy to offer you technical support over the phone, and we will quote any needed repairs.

  • What types of issues are not covered by the warranty?
    • If user damage is the cause of your problems, your warranty would be void. User damage includes but is not limited to water damage, broken touch screens and damaged ports.

  • Can I get service after my warranty expires or if I broke my phone and it is not covered under warranty?
    • Yes, please call technical support for more details on repair fees. Technical Support

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