Our Profile

NUU Mobile is a brain child of Sun Cupid Group. Sun Cupid Group was founded in1979 and has been in the consumer electronic industry for over 30 years. The group has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing top range consumer electronic goods and parts. Some of our long term partners are world famous electronic brands such as Sanyo, Panasonic, Black & Decker, Philips and many more.

While all the preexisting components such as state of the art manufacturing technology, world class engineers and electronic manufacturing experience, the idea of bridging the gap became the new goal of the group.

After extensive research and development, NUU Mobile produced its first batch of premium affordable smartphones. Today half a decade later the precision, high quality control and infinite number of tests has made NUU Mobile an international brand that sells its premium affordable smartphones across Asia, America, and Europe.

NUU Mobile smartphones are known for their premium quality, sleek design and affordability, making everyone’s dream of owning a smartphone a reality.

The goal of NUU Mobile is to meet the needs of local marketing and connect them to the world.

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