Our Story

In the mobile world, it used to be that you had two choices: to either follow or to settle. Having the latest and greatest technology meant anchoring yourself with a long-term contract or settling for something a little slower, a little less powerful, a little clunkier.

Then it occurred to us: Hey, with our 30 years of experience producing amazing electronic devices we can break these chains and create better smartphone solutions!

Get digitally connected with our top-level processors, high-speed connections, replaceable batteries, front and back cameras and dual-SIM capability that provides a smooth and stable multitasking experience between work and personal life. Enjoy social networks, streaming video, the most popular Android apps, online radio, email, selfies, usies – all the things you need to be at the center of a digital world.

So what’s the catch? A costly long-term carrier contract? Nope. All of our smartphones are unlocked, unburdened and unbelievably liberating. We put the control firmly back in your hands.

Nothing else compares to our custom-built solutions, high-quality components, latest software and customer support from a company that’s obsessed with getting every detail exactly right.

So take the lead, connect with the world, engage in life and forget compromise.

The NUU world is yours.


The NUU Quality

NUU Mobile devices are built to withstand the everyday occurrences of daily life. At NUU Mobile, we apply the highest standards of quality in both design and testing for each of our smartphones. There is no exception. Every device is tested individually with one common goal: to ensure the best wireless experience for our customers in the connected world.

Unlike our competitors, we design and build our smartphones in our own factories. This allows us far greater control over quality and attention to detail for each and every new smartphone.

We promise we will never stand still. Our standards evolve with us to a higher level every day.

The NUU World is Yours